Happy P-B-Day

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What’s better than a full day to spend doing what you want, when you want and with whoever you want?

In order: taking photos, the whole day, with my sweet half!

As I have often done in recent years also in this one I gave me a day off to celebrate my birthday. Instead of waking up in the morning (I really hate this part), bathing, dressing, breakfasting, taking my bag and driving to work, I waking up in the morning (a little bit lately), bathing, dressing, breakfasting, taking up my camera bag and driving to mountain. Who tell, is wonderful how little details can make a huge difference!

So this begin to be not my birthday, but instead my photo-birthday!

After some beautiful, sunny day, that morning greeted us with a cloudy, grey, leaden sky. Not afraid of that, with a marvelous fruit tart (thank you my darling!), warm clothes and cameras we drive fearless to the land of Tenno… where is Tenno? North of Garda Lake…. Trento… Sudtirol.. Italy, Europe, Earth… ok, just Google it.

After visit Tenno Lake we headed to the valley with a lot a stop to eat, taking photo or just wandering around doing nothing more than enjoy to be there! I do not want to chronicle the day, but I list here some thought about that day:

– a couple of breakfast stop during a 100km trip is bare minimum in a P-B-Day (also consider the tart trolling me by the back seats)

– Tenno Lake be worth a visit, probably during a sunny day is better, but I found it surrounded by snowdrops

– Germans are buying our castles

– In Canale di Tenno, a small medieval hamlet, cats are caching spirits

– You can fool a swan pretending to give him food

It was a great P-B-Day, I can not wait for the next one!

Bye, Carlo