F&S Wedding

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When F asked me if I would like to take photos at their wedding I was so exited that I didn’t know how to answer him. Obviously the answer resulted to be a big “It will be a great delight for me”.

I never took wedding photos before and in time between my answer and wedding day I passed through excitement, anxiety, joy, fear, proud and other very strange moods. The morning I went to bride’s house to take some photos there and I don’t know who was more nervous. During the day I felt more comfortable in my role and I enjoyed it a lot.

The fear of miss the right shot made me take more than one thousand photos… please don’t blame me, I was in a shoot frenzy and I realized this only the day after at home when I took my memory cards and downloaded files on the PC. From this embarrassing number I chose a more convenient number of photos, around 200, and developed them one by one a first time. After a couple of days I developed them a second time. Again… a third time. Before I could enter the loop a fourth time I saved all on a usb stick (Chewbecca style… both F and S are Star Wars fans, like me, and who better can guard such a valuable treasure than Chewie!), took the car and as fast as I can reached their home.

Unless both are very good actors I think they’re happy of the result and, strange enough, I am happy too.

Here is a small selection of those photos that F&S gently allow me to share.

It was a delight, it was a honor, to take photo for you. Congratulations on tying the knot guys, and may the force be with you!