A New Beginning

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I began to be interested in photography when I was about 13 years old, when I started using my mother’s camera, an Olympus OM-1. Obviously at that age 99% of my photos was naive, or probably just horrible, and nice shoots I took were simple luck or coincidence, but this great camera, and a lot of films of course, allowed me to learn the basis of photography. I’ve learned what is a lens diaphragm and how this changes my photos. I also understood depth of field and how to use this to emphasize a subject; I discovered how shutter speed changes what the film capture and the basis of how to compose a photo. The lack of any electronics, except light meter, forced me to use manual focus and to get correct exposure regulating aperture and shutter speed. I do not envy new photographer that start with a modern, all automatic and automagical camera! Something is simple more understandable in the old fashion way.

I’ve always loved computers and with the arrival of digital camera I shifted immediately to this new technology that offer ease of use and unimaginable, possibility with film camera. Unfortunately, I had no money to buy a reflex digital camera and so I stayed for about 10 year with compact cameras, that didn’t give me any satisfaction, or with no camera at all. Year passed and at one point I made a double jump directly into the word of mirrorless, at first with Olympus EPL-1 and after with my actual love: Olympus E-M1. Yes, you guess correct: imprinting did his job very well!

I do not consider myself a real “photographer”, but I think that some of my photos deserve to be seen instead of being concealed deep in a folder of my hard disks, so I’ve decide to open this site. Moreover, in my dream, what I do for living is photography and so…who knows, this could be my new beginning!

I really hope you enjoy this site and, if you want so, I’ll be happy to read your thoughts about what you see here.

Has a nice stay!